Hi, I’m Nina, family portrait and lifestyle photographer based in East Setauket on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, New York.

Originally I’m from tiny Eastern European country that no one has ever heard of. Photography came to me by accident at the time when I was feeling lost, lonely and unfulfilled. As I started taking photos the void in my heart disappeared and I felt alive and happy again. Photography has become my passion and completely changed my life for the better.

Being a mom of two amazing boys I especially enjoy working with children. It gives me such a pleasure capturing awe inspiring moments of little bundles of joy. I firmly believe it is very important to preserve precious memories through beautifully documented pictures, which we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Besides you can never have enough photos of your kids since they grow up so fast. Being a parent myself I find it fascinating and terrifying  at the same time.

I absolutely love the fact that my work gives me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I strive to create meaningful relationships and capture true feelings and emotions that tell stories. I believe making a connection with individuals is the most important aspect of portrait photography. In fact, relation between photographer and a client, is what sets us, photographers apart from the rest and ultimately makes us unique.


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